How can PALS help?

At Partners Assisted Living Services, we offer a wide range of senior home care services, so your loved ones can live well at home. Learn more about our services below, and contact us for more information. LiveWell! HomeCare.

“I’ve lived all my life in this house and I am not going to move in with you and your family! I want to die where I lived,” said my fiercely independent 91 year old mother. I picked up my cell phone and called PALS. Mom now has a PALS caregiver that comes in morning, noon, and night to help her cooking, errands, housekeeping, medication reminders, and safety checks. “Get this, Mom has taught the caregiver how to can string beans and crochet. Ain’t she something?”

Hospice Care
I saw my parents sitting in the background and my grandpa in the forefront when I walked into the hospital room. Grandpa’s head was tilted slightly back, eyes staring straight, mouth open. The room was cold, barren, and stark. I knew that body in the bed wasn’t my Grandpa, just a shell, a shadow of the man he was. He died, not alone, but in a place that did not bespoke of love, life, and being. That day, I knew that to die at home is best. PALS will walk the journey of end of life care with you.

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care
Fifty-three years of marriage and Herald doesn’t know my name. Herald’s body is going strong but his mind is ravaged by dementia. I can’t get him in the shower and change his Depends anymore but my PALS caregiver can. She showers and shaves Herald, puts on clean Depends, and dresses Herald for the day. Then we sit together on the front porch and enjoy the New Mexico sunshine. With PALS, I keep my promise to Herald that I made 53 years ago— that I would love, honor, and cherish him until death do us part.

Transitional Care
Call PALS to help you transition from a skilled nursing facility back to your home. We will do an assessment at the facility and have a SafeKey WellCare plan of care in place before you leave so that you can LiveWell! at home, and stay home.

Post-surgery Care
Does surgery temporarily have you down? Call PALS. We can provide the in home care you need while you recover.

Acute Illness or Injury Care
Who would have thought that a broken leg would make living so difficult? PALS will get you back up on your feet in no time.

Disability Care
PALS can provide support to the individual with disabilities and respite to family members.

Virtual Care
Partners Assisted Living Services continues to connect with home technologies so that New Mexicans can LiveWell! at home.

New Mom Care
What a great gift for the new mom! Help with grocery shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation. You tend to the wee one and we’ll tend to the home.

Non-medical Health and Home Case Management
Coordinating with family, doctor’s, discharge planners, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, home health agencies, PALS staff will do it. PALS will also manage your “Honey-dos!”

Private Duty Nursing
Do you have a need for skilled nursing in your home that is not covered by home health. Call PALS. We’ll get it arranged.

Chaplain Care
PALS has a chaplain on staff to support family and clients.

“What’s a few dents and dings on my new car’s bumper? That’s what it’s for.” Well, my adult kids didn’t buy it, and now my new car sits idle in the garage with the keys hidden. I called Partners Assisted Living Services and they get me where I want to go, when I want to go. I’m a great co-pilot and I haven’t given up trying to convince the kids that bumpers are for bumping.

Philips Lifeline Solutions
PALS partners with Philips Lifeline to bring you medical alert services in your home.

Scientists have published studies that prove that it is aerodynamically impossible for the bumble bee to fly. The bumble bee’s wings are too light and its body is too heavy. However, the bumble bee doesn’t read – it just flies. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the care needs of a loved one or yourself, and you can’t handle it for one more moment, call Partners Assisted Living Services. Just like the bumble bee, PALS CAN! LiveWell! HomeCare.